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Claudio Farinha
  • Being raised in a nominal Catholic background, I had heard about God but didn't really think about Him nor was I interested in knowing more. Growing up in Madeira, Portugal, not once did I hear the Gospel preached.

  • All of that changed the moment God saved my brother, who was living in England at the time, to share the Gospel with me and invite me to live with him in England.

  • As I began to attend my brother's church and having meetings with the Pastor, I started being challenged to read God's Word. The Holy Spirit, through His Word, convicted me of my sinful lifestyle.

  • On the 22nd of February 2012, I pleaded with the Lord to save me from my sin, believing that there is salvation in no other name but in Christ alone.

  • Since Christ has saved me, I now have the desire to serve Him for the rest of my life and have a burden to reach my fellow Madeirans who are blind by the god of this world.

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