• GBCR’s government is led by godly, biblically qualified men called "Elders" (1 Tim. 3; Titus 1; 1 Pet. 5)

  • Our Elders share equally in the church’s leadership and decision-making though each Elder seeks to use his particular spiritual and natural gifts in the areas in which he can best help the church.

  • GBCR now has three (3) Elders: Tom McConnell, Tim Atkins and Claudio Farinha

Tom McConnell
Church Planter

  • In Feb 2013, Tom was asked to help start and pastor Grace Bible Church Rugby. 

  • As an Elder, Tom enjoys studying and preaching God's Word, making disciples through sharing the Gospel, helping believers grow through teaching in GBCR's Bible Training Academy and equipping the saints to apply God's Word to their everyday lives via Biblical Counselling.​

  • As a GMI Church-Planting Missionary, Tom's burden is to help GBCR become a self-supporting, disciple-making and church-planting church.

Tim Atkins.jpg
Tim Atkins
  • Tim has been an Elder at Grace Bible Church Rugby since the church was started in Feb 2013.

  • As an Elder, Tim enjoys preaching God's Word and shepherding God's people through personal discipleship and biblical counselling.

  • Tim is happily married and has two adult children.

Claudio Farinha
Church-Planter in Training
  • Claudio became an Elder at
    Grace Bible Church Rugby at the end of 2019.


  • Originally from Madeira, Portugal, Claudio moved to the UK in 2011.

  • Ever since Claudio was saved on Feb 2012, he has been burdened to take the powerful Gospel back to his family, friends and neighbors on the island of Madeira.

  • He is currently finishing his training as a church planter through
    GBCR's Bible Training Academy with the desire to plant a church in Madeira.


  • Claudio is married and has three beautiful young children.