• GBCR’s government is led by godly men called Elders.

  • Our Elders share equally in the church’s leadership and decision-making though each Elder seeks to use his particular spiritual and natural gifts in the areas in which he can best help the church.

  • Presently GBCR has two (2) Elders:

Tom McConnell
Tom McConnell
Pastor-Teacher / Elder
Tim Atkins
Tim Atkins
  • Tom is a graduate from The Master's Seminary where John MacArthur is the president. He received his Master of Divinity in 1999 and his Master of Theology in 2002. 

  • In 2002, the elders of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, California recruited Tom and his wife, Kathy, for a missionary experiment in the United Kingdom. They began their missionary and pastoral work in the UK in April 2003.

  • Tom's primary pastoral duties at GBCR involve preaching God's Word on most Sundays, leading corporate worship in music, discipleship training & pastoral care. 

  • Read Tom's testimony, click here.

  • Tim's primary duties as an elder involve overseeing much of the church administration & finances in addition to preaching and teaching God's Word.